Rates & Fee Information

Payday.Live Service

Payday.Live is not a lender. Rather, this site offers a place for borrowers to connect with lenders. Lenders look for certain things when searching for borrowers. Payday.Live helps them with that. You will get specific information about rates, fees and terms of your loan from the lender you work with.

This service is entirely free for the borrower. You will never be charged anything by Payday.Live. When you send us your information we will compare your needs with the needs of a network of lenders and connect you. The Rates and Fees depend on your state and the lender you are connected with. If you do not like the terms of the loan you are offered, do not accept. You can use our service again to look for another lender. Most importantly, use short term loans responsibly.

Every lender is different. The rates charged depend on the state where you live and your eligibility. If you are connected with a lender, before you accept the loan, make sure that you agree with the rates provided.

Fees are charged by the lender as well. Payday.Live will never charge you a fee. Each lender has their own fees for their services that are regulated by state law. If you are connected with a lender make sure you ask them about the fees they charge.

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